Waxx Car Polish For Exterior


  • Quantity: 350 ml
  • Suitable For: Metal Parts, Exterior
  • Form Factor: Liquid
  • Used For: Car & Bike, Car, Bike
  • Usage Instructions: Apply on clean and cool surface with sponge or soft cotton cloth uniformly by circular motion., Allow dry to haze and buff with dry soft cotton cloth to crystalline high gloss finish.
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WaveX Liquid Car Polish for Metal, Car Exterior Parts You should use the WaveX Carnauba Wax because unlike other traditional auto care waxes out there, the WaveX Carnauba Wax protects your vehicle’s paint against the UV rays of the sun hence preventing exterior paint discolouration. It can also be used on glass/ mirrors, headlights, and tail lights besides your vehicle’s painted surface. It provides your vehicle with an extremely splendid mirror shine and eliminates minor swirl marks + scratches. Protecting your vehicle against harsh/ extreme weather conditions also prevents your vehicle from rust/ corrosion. Finally, it acts as a ‘paint restorer’ and will breathe life into your vehicle’s paint. To prolong the effects of the WaveX Carnauba Wax, we recommend that you pair it with the WaveX Hybrid X


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Waxx Car Polish For Exterior